St. Joseph's Online Help

Most common tech issues & how to fix them January 2021

Logging in to Schoology

You can log in to schoology either using the App or through your web browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari) by navigating to Most people use the Schoology iPad App and you can login to that as follows :

  • Open the app
  • Under "Find your school or dommain type "Rush"
  • Choose "St. Joseph's Rush" (the third one down)
  • Click "Login through your School"
  • This will open up a google sign-in page. Enter your full
  • Enter your school google password (this is the one that looks like Josm@1234)
  • Click Approve and you're in!

Email login issues

You should use your School Google Account for email, schoology and most everything (except for School Wifi which is .ie). If you can't remember your password, you can email to request a password reset. Mr. Murray will then get in contact with you about the reset. To keep accounts safe, he may need to call home just to be sure that it's really you.

Missing Apps or install errors

All iPads 1st to 3rd year are managed by Wriggle. If you are missing an app or having an error upon installing it, you should contact Wriggle at or 01 500 9060. If you are 4th-6th year and have your own app store, you'll need to get in touch with Mr. Murray if you are unable to install an app from the AppStore.